Most Popular Case During Beta WINS $2,000!


How does Ujuj ensure fairness? First, our voting algorithm discards extreme votes on both ends of the bell curve.

Secondly, Ujuj recognizes the value of our registered voters and has created a recognition system for our frequent voters. The top rank, Supreme Court Judge, actually gets paid daily! Voters with higher ranks (based on voting experience and accuracy) count for more votes than less experienced voters. These higher ranking votes have demonstrated their ability to understand the nuances of a dispute and cast their votes toward a fair settlement.

The recognition system includes 6 levels that can be attained.

Level 1: Everyone starts at this level when they register for Ujuj
Juror Foreman
Level 2


District Attorney
Level 3
District Court Judge
Level 4
Appellate Court Judge
Level 5
Supreme Court
Level 6

* Calculated daily; Supreme Court members will lose Supreme Court status if not in the Top 12.